rmaldonado161 commented on 10th NYPD Officer Commits Suicide

When you have under paid over worked police officer like the ones in NYC this is a receipt for disaster.

I recommend that every Police Officer that has the financial means to move out of NYC also be very careful when arresting anyone. Being a police officer in NYC is becoming more & more difficult. Protect your pension & careers.

The only thing I’m 100% sure of is the I’ve never heard the police getting involved with a person going to work and it’s Quite obvious that it’s two Non-productive members of society don’t work.

rmaldonado161 commented on Stop Illegal Arrests

I agree..

The bottom line is what are you going to do with all this homeless people. No one what’s to pay the bill to have them Institutionalized the hospital, Police Departments, Psychiatric wards no one wants to deal with the homeless because no one wants to get sued and put their careers on the line.

The sad part about this proposal that the city is offering is that they ask Police Officers to run into into a active shooter situation and risk their lives. Then they offer such a low percentage rise for the man & women who protect this great city. Another slap in the face of every Poli…

It seems to me that this is a death gamble that you take. A lot to think about when choosing the right time.

Police officer should not get involved unless it's a 911 call or someone comes up to them for assistance. That way they can protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits and most importantly make sure that they get to keep your job. The city will always cater to those who are criminals and pay …

rmaldonado161 commented on City Shortchanged PBA

It's unfortunate that nypd cops don't make more money. It's a very stressful job not only for the cop. It's also has a heavy burden on their family. God Bless the men & women of the nypd.

The fact is that a Police Officer job is like no other job in the city and to believe or to make statement that it is, its a very uneducated statement. If there is ever a an active shooter in NYC and the many other countless reasons you need the police. They will respond to the call. 1% is a…