How many special officers exam the city is having. The dacas still not finished with the prior exams why wasn't a list established and published in the chief . Shame on the administration who mislead the people thinking that their hiring .another ponzi scheme

Manndogg16 commented on Unsupported in Rikers Ordeal

To the women and men who keeping us safe I applaud you all it's a shame the politicians forgot to protect the women and men of department of corrections. Management should be fired. Or better yet put on the uniform and see what these brave women and men goes through day by day.

May …

Unfortunately you don't know your history. This country was built from the women and men from all races,religion, etc.

God bless those who give some especially the some who give all.for this great country

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It's very upsetting when the government taking taxpayers money to build more jails instead of building more parks,home for the homeless and firehouses.

It seems committing crimes really pays

Debaliso what's your propriety helping new Yorkers or criminals .debaliso do new York …

Manndogg16 commented on Nassau County Exams

Why is it so important to build more jails and close rikers island than to help the homeless and the mentally ill on our streets .deblasio has to go

It's sad that society defending criminals who receive three meal cable and a bed over our brave men and women correction officers who work hard to keep these criminals locked up .yet plenty of times correction officers work 8to 16 without having a meal how inhumane is that .there a federal …

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To bill de blasio and cynthia brann a reminder jail is not a country club these are hard core criminals. Take the handcuffs off of our brave men and women correction officers .let them do their job that they was trained to do bill de blasio cynthia brann you need to review and change poli…