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What’s the harm?


To the editor:

I do not see how any of Mayor Eric Adams' statements violate church/state separation ("Anointed, or Elected," The Chief, letters, Nov. 3). It appears as if Adams is engaging in First Amendment free speech, expressing his personal opinion that a supreme being anointed him mayor, although he (and any other elected official) has the advantage of access to the press corps Joe Sixpack doesn't.

Nor do I see anything wrong with him expressing his opinion about prayer in schools. I see nothing about him forcing his constituents to follow a certain religion or any religion at all. He is not signing any executive orders or introducing legislation mandating prayer in schools. Although the problem of guns is complicated, prayer in school might not help but it can't hurt. Perhaps allotting 15 minutes for prayer to the deity of choice, participation optional, could be explored. Perhaps prayer in school might provide a serenity that would make one less willing to resolve issues with weapons.

There are many yardsticks by which to judge a mayor. 

Nat Weiner


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