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Wack attacks



To the editor:

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Wonder Woman to Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, pronounced that she will not support funding the government until Congress begins an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. She also promised no funding for Jack Smith’s prosecution of Donald Trump.  

Nor will she support funding the government for the war in Ukraine. Her strategy is simple: Just shut the government down and let the chips (and the country) fall where they may. Democracy, true democracy, is not just failure, but political suicide to many Republicans in Congress.  

The White House has set up a “war room” of two dozen lawyers, legislative aides and communications staffers to lead an aggressive counterattack on the Republicans’ impeachment inquiry. The plan is to face off against the insane and treasonous actions of the radical right wing of the Republican Party.  

The war room will be structured to wall off the impeachment effort and other wacko attacks on democracy so that administration officials won’t get bogged down in the quagmire of bogus investigations. 

Trump’s response to his own legal troubles will be simpler and more direct than the political schemes of Greene and McCarthy:

Indict me once, indict me twice

Indict me twice again

It’s been a fake news year!

Trump’s campaign slogan: “I’ll settle the score in ’24!”

Michael J. Gorman


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