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Ron away


To the editor:

Of all the letters I have written, the one that got the most online pushback was regarding the empty suit known as Ron DeSantis. I wrote how, as a “snowbird,” I have seen firsthand Florida become one of the least affordable states in the nation. How Florida’s standing as a national leader in highway deaths and gun violence makes Floridians three times more likely to be killed driving home, crossing a street or sitting in their living rooms than a New Yorker. And, how ineffective DeSantis is as an administrator, taking months (now going on a year) to do simple things like repairing traffic signs damaged by Hurricane Ian.

I should point out that my letter and the negative attention it drew appeared in print in mid-February, over two months before DeSantis announced a presidential run. At that time, the 538 polling site had DeSantis and Donald Trump statistically tied around 40 percent each.  However, now that potential voters have had the opportunity to see the DeSantis I know, things are different. He now sits a distant second at 13 percent to Trump’s 53 percent. 

My message to those who disputed the data and disagreed with my low opinion of DeSantis, I offer those words sung by Connie Francis “right to the end, just like a friend, I tried to warn you somehow.” So, “who’s sorry now”?

Joseph Cannisi


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