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Paying the price


To the editor:

Was "Congestion pricing 'pause' could cost workers" (The Chief, June 14) action politically motivated? Was it an attempt to protect Democrats running for the state Legislature and Congress from Republican challengers using this issue against them? Are the adverse consequences of preserving $3.4 billion in Federal Transit Administration funding approved in the $7.7 billion ($4.3 billion MTA local share pledged from Congestion Pricing) to finance Second Avenue Subway Phase 2 even worse? 

It also results in $10.7 billion lost revenue that was to fund $15 billion of the $51 billion MTA 2020-2024 Five-Year Capital Plan. This included $10.7 billion to replace the 1930s-era signals on the A and C lines in Brooklyn and on the B, D. F and M lines in Manhattan; bringing dozens of subway stations into compliance with the Americans With Disability Act, including elevators; new subway cars, electric buses and charging stations; and various capital improvements for both Long Island and Metro North Rail Roads. 

Ironically, the MTA has already spent over $500 million for installation, maintenance and operations of equipment and other expenses related to tolling for congestion pricing.

Riders will miss many of the capital improvements that congestion pricing would have paid for. New York City Transit employees will continue to maintain signal equipment built in the 1930s!

Larry Penner


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  • The Congestion pricing isn’t over because it’s written into law it’s what we call a delay and yes it’s going to cost $$ and I think rethinking this is sound that this hurts working class more than Business. Business will always pass the bill over to consumers. So retooling it maybe the only option now to soften the blow on working class. The need for funding for transit is unquestioned needed and funding must be available. Let’s hope this comes to a good Compromise for all parties.

    Wednesday, June 19 Report this