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Openings with state law enforcement agencies, including the Park Police, start at $56,360


The state is accepting applications through Aug. 3 for permanent posts and traineeships with several law enforcement agencies, including with the Park Police. Some agencies are actively recruiting Spanish and Chinese speakers. 

Starting salary for Park Police trainees is $56,360, which increases to $65,798 on completion of the one-year traineeship. 

 Park Police trainee appointees who work in the five boroughs of New York City or in Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, or Westchester counties will receive an additional $1,613 annual downstate adjustment. Additionally, appointees who work in Orange, Putnam and Dutchess counties will receive supplemental local pay of $1,343; those who work in New York City, Rockland and Westchester Counties will get $2,017; and those who work in Nassau and Suffolk counties will receive $2,352.

Duties and locations 

Although Park police officer positions exist throughout the state, it is expected that most appointees will be assigned to New York City or Nassau, Suffolk, Orange, Rockland or Westchester counties.                            

This traineeship provides formal training and coursework, extensive on-the-job training, and carefully designed and monitored work experience. As part of the traineeship, and regardless of previous training, trainees will first be required to satisfactorily complete the Academy, a formal residential training program of approximately 26 weeks. Assignments will be made upon graduation from the Academy and will be determined based on the operational needs of the agency. 

Those who successfully complete the traineeship will be advanced to the Park Police Officer level without further examination.

Park police officer trainees serve as a police officer pursuant to section 1.20 of the Criminal Procedure Law. Their authority extends throughout the state, although their primary responsibility will be to enforce laws and to provide information, assistance, and protection to visitors to New York State's parks and historic sites. They are responsible for the enforcement of all federal and state laws including, but not limited to, the penal, parks and recreation, vehicle and traffic, and environmental conservation laws. Responsibilities might include assignment on foot, bicycle, all-terrain vehicle, boat, personal watercraft, snowmobile, or other patrol. They might also be assigned to patrol duty or other police responsibilities.


Applicants must before Sept. 17 have either 1) at least 60 college semester credit hours; 2) 30 college semester credit hours and two years of active military service with an honorable discharge or under conditions in the New York State Restoration of Honor Act; or 3) 30 college semester credit hours AND Successful completion of a New York State Municipal Police Training Council approved Pre-Employment Training Program and eligibility to complete the second phase of such training program that has not lapsed.

Applicants who expect to meet the educational requirements by June 30 can take the test. They must submit proof of successful completion of the educational requirements to the appointing authority at the time of the employment interview or they will not be considered for appointment. 

Other requirements

Candidates will be subjected to thorough background investigations. They must have and maintain a valid driver’s license. 

They also must pass a drug-screening test. (Cannabis use is not permitted for employees in this title.)                            

Although not required for taking the test, appointees must be U.S. citizens and must maintain New York State residency. Candidates also will be required to demonstrate the necessary physical fitness. Those considered for appointment will have their skills and abilities evaluated through tests of strength, agility, flexibility and endurance. They will be required to participate in a psychological evaluation. 

On appointment, trainees must be state residents and at least 20 years old. They cannot have passed their 35th birthday on the date of the written test. However, time spent on military duty or on terminal leave, not exceeding a total of seven years, shall be subtracted from candidates’ ages if they have passed their 35th birthday.

For complete information on the traineeships and other postings, visit www.cs.ny.gov/police/.


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