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MAD for all


To the editor:

For those retirees who worked for the NYC government and oppose the Medicare Advantage plan Mayor Eric Adams et al are trying to push — a conservative administration under Donald Trump would do the same, but to everyone, and also privatize Social Security. If you plan to vote for Trump but oppose NYC’s plan, please educate yourself about this pending disaster. 

Project 2025 is a collection of policy proposals from the conservative Heritage Foundation to reshape the federal government. Although Trump claims he knows nothing about it, there is ample proof that he is lying. He does not want Project 2025’s extremist agenda to turn off independents and moderates. 

Project 2025 will negatively affect many other social justice issues, including by undoing the National Labor Relations Board’s progress in protecting workers’ rights to organize.

Don’t take my word for it or the pundits on either side, read about it in black and white.  Google “Project 2025.”    

Elizabeth Forel


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    Trump has stated for what it's worth he does not support Project 2025.

    Wednesday, July 10 Report this

  • MichaelDeCandia159

    He can't just change, has to go through congress, its fear mongering.

    Wednesday, July 10 Report this

  • krell1349

    Trumps is a flip flopper. He will lie to get support and then change his stance on an issue. He says he doesn't know about Project 2025 which is a lie.

    Thursday, July 11 Report this