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Lies and consequences?


To the editor:

Jimmy Durante used to close out every show with “Good night, Mrs. Calabash wherever you are.” I think Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, the House minority leader, should close out every congressional work day with, “Good night, George Santos, whoever you are.”  

My uncle, a salesman, used to joke: “Never tell the truth when a lie will do as well.” George Santos goes beyond that and tells lies even when lies won’t do as well as the truth. He’s such a consistent, compulsive liar that he must search for the truth in order to say the opposite.

Santos has to be a sick man since it must have been obvious to him that his lies were so outrageous and easy to debunk that the truth was certain to come out. He lied about his high school, he lied about his college, he lied about being a champion volleyball player, he lied about working for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, and he lied about founding an animal charity. He divorced a woman in Queens, but says he’s gay and has a husband on Long Island, but no one has seen his husband or found a record of his marriage. He said his mother’s death was related to the 9/11 attack, but in 2021 he said it was the 5th anniversary of his mother’s death. 

He has said he is a Roman Catholic, and he has said he is Jewish. He said his grandparents survived the Holocaust, but records show that both of his maternal grandparents were born in Brazil.  

Clearly, George Santos is a sick person who has no control over his brain or his mouth. 

He will be a living, breathing joke as long as Kevin McCarthy, the House speaker, protects him from expulsion from the House. The Republican Party is becoming, in the words of the late Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, John Kennedy Toole, “A Confederacy of Dunces.” But Toole’s New Orleans was fun; the GOP is far from fun, and is a dangerous threat to our nation.  

Michael J. Gorman


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