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Georgia on GOP’s mind


 To the editor:

In the wake of no-red-wave elections, Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, said that it is very important that the Republicans help Hershel Walker win the Senate seat in Georgia in the runoff against Senator Rafael Warnock.

We might wonder, why would Cotton and other Republicans care about the Georgia Senate seat since the Democrats already have the majority in the Senate. Cotton and other Republicans know that if the Senate is split 50-50, Senator Joe Manchin would still be in a position of power — second only President Joe Biden. It may be unfair to call Manchin a “DINO” (a Democrat in name only), but he is obviously important enough to Republicans, including Tom Cotton, to support such a pathetic candidate as Hershel Walker.

If Walker wins the runoff in Georgia, Manchin retains his powerful position and ability to stop or weaken Democratic priorities and political goals. A Warnock win in Georgia would be a big victory for the Democrats and a serious blow to the Republicans in the Senate.

Michael J. Gorman


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  • krell1349

    Yes it is important that Warnock wins in Georgia. First of all, Walker is incompetent. Why anyone would vote for him is beyond me. It is also important that Warnock win so that the Biden administration can appoint even more judges without the procedural delays that occur in a 50-50 Senate.

    Wednesday, November 16, 2022 Report this