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Challenge Adams



To the editor: 

Mayor Eric Adams' actions repeatedly have me hoping someone will challenge him in the 2025 Democratic mayoral primary. Let's start with the assertion by Adams' Labor Relations Commissioner Renee Campion that the city is "bleeding money in health care costs" ("Unions back city efforts on Medicare,” The Chief, Nov. 4). How is this the case when the money is only $600 million a year in a budget of over $100 billion?

How is it possible that a privately administered Medicare Advantage program will give retirees the same coverage for less money than a traditional Medicare plan? How is this not a cut in benefits for retirees? How is it that leadership in most city unions is so pathetic that they are

going all-out to get this approved?

In another area of labor, Adams seems to have no problem with harming his former fellow police officers, ("PBA decries plan to increase cops in subway," The Chief, Oct. 28). It's safe to say that

in a job as tough and dangerous as policing, you don't increase police presence by having them work longer hours with forced overtime. More officers obviously need to be hired.

Also, telling riders, including criminals, that cops are onboard or at the station will not decrease crime. Criminals will simply go to where the cops are not stationed. More plainclothes officers are needed. That way criminals can be caught in the act and arrested. This happens often enough and they will be less willing to perpetrate.

As for the unarmed security guards at the turnstiles, what will happen when a fare beater pulls a gun?

Then there's "Judge rules for Sanit workers in vax fight,” (The Chief, Oct. 28). I could see this coming. When you make exceptions to the vaccine mandate for athletes, entertainers and private employees, it becomes impossible to justify it for city workers. I'm fully vaccinated (2 shots, 2 boosters and a booster for the variants). I was for the mandate when it covered everybody. When you start requiring it only for some, then you have a problem.

Richard Warren


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