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A stand against tyranny


To the editor: 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s planned visit to Taiwan as part of her Asia trip is the perfect opportunity to show loyalty to an important ally, prove that the U.S. will stand up to the Chinese bully, and demonstrate to the American people and all nations that we will challenge a nation with nuclear weapons when justice requires it.

That’s a lesson not only for Chinese President Xi Jinping, but will not be lost on Vladimir Putin. It’s also the right time for the Biden administration to show that the U.S. will never back down to dictators, regardless of the risks involved.

There is no doubt that Pelosi’s visit would create a politically explosive situation that could even lead to war with China. We have to take that risk to protect the independence of Taiwan and weaken the power of Xi Jinping over the Chinese people.

President Joe Biden has repeatedly insisted that we would defend Taiwan from any aggressive actions by China. Biden needs to show that the U.S. keeps its word, and we are willing to take risks and pay the price for our actions to protect all of our democratic allies. Biden has to support Nancy Pelosi and let Xi Jinping know that we will support and defend her visit to Taiwan, and no action by China will deter us. Pelosi must be defended in her support for Taiwan and in her harsh criticism of Beijing for human-rights violations.

In visiting Taiwan at this time, Pelosi is displaying the courage and toughness that our nation needs to show both at home and abroad. President Joe Biden needs to be her biggest supporter and her strongest defender.

Michael J. Gorman


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