To the Editor: The recent article in The Chief stated that Medicare coverage for thousands of city employees, including Teachers, may possibly be changed to Medicare Advantage Plus, which does not offer nearly all of the coverage that regular Medicare does.

Who are the idiots who came up with this bright idea? No doubt, Mayor De Blasio was one of them. Why isn't United Federation of Teachers President Michel Mulgrew fighting against this possible shift in our Medicare coverage?

Also, why hasn't the UFT reached out to all of the membership for their input on this very critical medical issue? Dos he not realize that not all doctors or hospitals accept Medicare Advantage Plus, which will cause major hardships for thousands of people?

This retired Teacher is vehemently against changing our Medicare coverage, and every single person that will also be affected by this possible change should write letters to their local politicians demanding the they intervene to stop this egregious and senseless action.


Editor's note: Both city and union officials have said that the private insurers under consideration for handling the new program after offering terms that would lead nearly all doctors now taking Medicare patients to accept the new coverage that is ultimately provided.

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