To the Editor: Like the antebellum South, Donald Trump thrives on racial division and strife, hoping whites will secede from America's "melting pot" to solidify his core base of support and win (or steal) a second term as President.

Juneteenth is a portmanteur for June and 19th. It is an American holiday celebrating June 19, 1865 when a Federal decree freed the last slaves in Texas subsequent to the Civil War and more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued.

To the dismay of many but the surprise of none, Trump originally scheduled a MAGA rally in Tulsa, Ok. for June 19, 2020 on the 155th anniversary of "Freedom Day" and shortly after the 99th anniversary of a race massacre in Tulsa where scores of blacks were killed by white mobs.

Although the MAGA rally was rescheduled to June 20, I believe that Trump originally chose June 19 and the Tulsa locale to coincide and conflict with the "Freedom Day" celebration and the race massacre in order to continue stoking racial tension among black and white Americans.

This is a subliminal attempt by Trump to again incite racial division and confrontations in anticipation of his loss in November, when he will then unleash his fervent pack of adherents with one ominous toot of his "dog whistle" that will be heard from North to South.

Trump is an anti-egalitarian. He is not on the side of equality, unity, democracy or the rule of law. He is on the side of white nationalism and "very fine" neo-Nazis.

The Donald cannot fathom losing the presidential power and immunity that he now holds with a vise-like grip and will do anything to keep. He will suppress Democratic voters and without any reluctance ignite an ideological civil war to win reelection.

Like Fort Sumter in 1861, the June 20 rally was where Trump's 2020 presidential campaign fired the first shot and catapulted his nefarious scheme to figuratively secede from America by dividing its citizens and shattering its "melting pot."

But while Trump has succeeded in doing great harm to the United States, he will fail to shatter its "melting pot." America is the apotheosis of a heterogeneous population. Its eclectic assortment of colors, beliefs and origins is invincible. Each group is a valuable part of our mosaic.

Our "melting pot" is the reason America is great.


Adjunct Assistant Professor,

John Jay College Of Criminal Justice

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