To the Editor: Without looking into a crystal ball as to the future of the 500 new MTA Police Officers being recruited by the MTA to patrol New York City’s subways. I would draw their attention to reflect on the history of the NYC Transit Police Department.

It was the old Transit Authority, through collective-bargaining agreements with the NYC Transit Police PBA, that they were contractually bound to support parity in benefits between the NYC Police force and the Transit Police force.

This existed until 1991 when Mayor Giuliani’s administration worked to undermine the Transit Police benefit known as the Variable Supplements Funds. Subsequently, in 1992, New York City lobbied, without opposition from the Fund’s trustees, to deny the pre-1987 beneficiaries of the fund their just benefit; a scheme to misappropriate their funds.

In 1992, under pressure, Mayor Giuliani issued a press release stating the city had agreed with the police unions to support legislation to correct and equalize the benefit of the Variable Supplements Fund between forces. To this day, the city declines to offer support for corrective legislation it had agreed to. The MTA remains mum.

I believe that these recruits have a right to know the history of our veteran officers who served a career to defend justice and must now ask for it.


President, NYC Retired Transit Police Officers Association

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