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Why is an impeachment inquiry taking so long?

At this time, a majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives are for an impeachment inquiry, so, why is Nancy Pelosi taking her sweet time in putting this to a vote?

I have a couple of reasons as to why I think she is hesitant at this time, but first, let me explain in a few words as to why I think an impeachment inquiry should take place.

1) The firing of James Comey. True a president can fire the head of the F.B.I., but, the president must have a solid, reasonable reason to act. In Trump’s own words in a TV interview, his reason was to eliminate the Russian investigation. That alone is grounds for impeachment—it is called Obstruction of Justice. Remember this, a sitting president does not even have to be successful in the firing, just trying is grounds for impeachment.

2) The Trump Tower meeting trying to get dirt on Clinton, and lying about the Moscow project are just a few examples of grounds for impeachment.

Now let’s look at a few reasons as to why Nancy Pelosi is hesitant on starting an impeachment inquiry.

She saw what happened with Bill Clinton after he was impeached but was not removed from office. His popularity increased. That reasoning is flawed for a couple of reasons. Bill Clinton on TV apologized to the country for his actions, something Trump will never do, and he was more popular than Trump.

The other reason for Nancy Pelosi’s hesitation is that she is afraid of losing the majority in the House, thinking that many Democrats in Trump-won areas would vote out a Democrat over impeachment, thus removing Pelosi from power.

This is a major flaw in her thinking. The job of the House of Representatives is to perform oversight of the president.

It is the job of Congress to move forward and start impeachment proceedings against President Trump. The evidence in the Mueller report was astounding. In the words of Robert Mueller: “If we could have exonerated President Trump, we would have.” That is a shocking and powerful statement.

I, along with most sensible people, understand that the Senate would probably not remove Trump from office, but that does not give Nancy Pelosi the right not to do her job.

It seems that the only Republicans that are willing to talk against Trump are Republicans who have retired or are not seeking reelection such as previous House Speaker Paul Ryan.

It is time to start the impeachment proceedings immediately, and not worry about what might happen. It is about doing the right thing. If not, Democrats are playing right into the GOP’s hands by running out the clock.


NYC Transit Bus Operator


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