To the Editor: In response to Frank DeSanna’s letter in the Nov. 1st edition, I want to thank him for admitting Trump should be Impeached.

It seems Mr DeSanna has no idea how the impeachment process works.

The Impeachment inquiry which is going on is not the actual impeachment of the President. The inquiry is just that: the gathering of all evidence by witnesses either voluntary or by subpoena, by social media texts, by people going on news networks and admitting to criminal activity.

The impeachment inquiry also gives the House quicker responses to court decisions, Because it seems the Republicans and their lawyers are stalling every step of the way. If there is nothing to hide, why stall and not let people testify?

After ALL the evidence has been gathered, a jury of congressmen in the House will vote on whether to impeach or not. The Republicans have just as much time to question witnesses during the inquiry…YES, Republicans are on the committee that is behind closed doors. If the House votes to impeach, then it goes to the Senate where a trial begins. Yes, a Republican-held Senate will probably not remove Trump, But he is still considered impeached…he will be one of 4 total impeached presidents in the history of this country.

Funny, but when the house voted to impeach Clinton, it went from a land deal which went nowhere to the Monica Lewinsky incident…But that was OK for the Republicans.

Most of the hearings will now be in the public eye. You see, Mr. DeSanna, when you can’t defend what the president has done, you have no choice but to attack the process.

Also, as the Republicans have been saying for years, elections have consequences. But, now that the House is a Democratic majority, the Republicans are crying foul.

Mr. DeSanna implicated Trump without even realizing it when in his letter he stated, “What happened to the whistleblower? That’s out the window because of his Biden connection, so now we try to impeach for abuse of power.”

EXACTLY. Abuse of power is an impeachable offense…Trump does not even have to be successful in his abuse of power by holding up military aid to Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent, he just has to ask, as he did on national TV, not only asking Ukraine, but also asking China.

That is impeachable, no matter how many times you say it’s not.


NYCTA Bus Operator


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