To the Editor: Only a small percentage of Republican voters believe the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection was a traitorous attack on our democracy. The vast majority of Republicans in Congress continue to promote the big lie to their constituents that the attack on the Capitol was a legitimate rebellion against a stolen election.

Most of these Republicans know it's a lie, but they value their cushy and profitable political careers more than they value the truth, the rule of law and American democracy.

There is no way for our country to "heal" and bring both political parties and the divided American people together until we crush the Republican treason led by Donald Trump. Americans who value our way of life would desperately want a bloodless political victory over Trump and his traitors, but we have to be honest and realistic, and looking back at the Jan. 6 attempt at a coup by the Trump Republicans, we may face a bloody civil war. Such a war may come sooner than we think, and if we don't believe it, just look at all the death threats from the domestic terrorists on the radical right wing.

We cannot accept an autocracy or a dictatorship, led by racists and those who hate democracy and want to be led by a dictator or oligarchy that promotes and protects their undemocratic biases. We need the John Lewis Voting Rights Act now to defend against the racist attempts to deny minority citizens their voting rights by blatantly- corrupt gerrymandering, voter suppression, and the refusal to accept the results of legitimate elections.

Let's stop the false equivalency that tries to blame both sides for the ugly divide in our nation. The Trump Republicans are the domestic terrorists. When a Republican Congressman compares the statements and acts of Marjorie Taylor Greene—a dangerous, dishonest traitor—to those of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a hard-line progressive, we can understand the dishonesty of that Congressman. Greene is a clear-and-present danger to democracy and individual Democrats in Congress. She is probably the cause of some of the death threats. Ocasio-Cortez may hold some views that some consider extreme, but she does not encourage or promote violence in any way.

It's time to declare a political war on the Trump Republican Party. The old, traditional Republican Party no longer exists.



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Neither old political party really exists though I would like to see the video footage from all of the cameras in place on Jan. 6. It was an incredible media event and numerous cameras in every position to film it.


Not a media event, but an armed attack on the Capital building, In other words, an insurrection. It was even filmed by the insurrectionists themselves. It wasn't a tour, it's so obvious it was an attack. And the party of "law and order" completely ignores what actually happened on that day.

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