To the Editor: The stupidity, dishonesty, incompetence and hypocrisy highlighted in the June 25 Chief-Leader is typical of what a good friend and fellow retired transit worker means when he says, "These are strange times we are living in."

Mayor Bill de Blasio again betrays city workers by reneging on a promise to give them the Juneteenth holiday. This has been granted to Federal and state workers. While touting a new $100-billion budget, he insists he can't afford the $150 million to fund this holiday.

Also, while refusing to back cops who actually go after real criminals, de Blasio has nothing to say about cops who wrongly accused a Shake Shack manager of poisoning them.

To all those who voted to re-elect de Blasio, what was your problem with Sal Albanese?

Why is the bail reform law, which was to allow release only in non-violent cases, being used to free those accused of assaulting EMTs? Why not eliminate bail altogether, allow judges to order suspects held when needed and release the rest? 

Also, we're told that Maya Wiley could not answer whether she would disarm NYPD officers because she wasn't prepared for the question? I'm far from perfect. I've battled neurosis and minimal brain dysfunction all my life. But on my worst day, if you asked me if cops should patrol New York City without guns, I'd say HELL NO!

Stupidity even spreads to the normally sensible Chief-Leader editor and Razzle Dazzle columnist Richard Steier. He compares Wiley's answer to 1988 presidential candidate Michael Dukakis's response when asked whether he would want the death penalty for someone if they raped and murdered his wife.

One can quibble with how Dukakis answered that question. But you can argue about whether the state should be in the death business if they would put murderers away for life without parole. You can also argue that the wrongly imprisoned could be freed, while nobody could be returned from the grave.

How can Wiley argue that New York City police don't need guns?


Retired transit worker

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