To the Editor: There has been much justified criticism on these pages directed at State Attorney General Letitia James for lumping cops who respond to violent incidents at protests with those who attack peaceful protesters.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea is right to defend those cops who acted correctly. But the flip side is his refusal to fire cops whose actions were inexcusable.

That includes Officers Wing Hong Lau and Wael Jaber, who responded to a domestic violence call in Brooklyn on Dec. 22, 2017 without ever getting out of their car. One hour later, the 22-year-old woman who made the call, Toni Wells, was found strangled to death.

The officers would be suspended without pay for 30 days and later put on dismissal probation. They remain on the force today. The article on this by Kerry Burke and Graham Rayman appeared in the Feb. 8 Daily News.

Detective Gregory Howard, who sexually assaulted and exposed a confidential informant, was docked 40 vacation days but remains on the force (see Mr. Rayman's Feb. 12 article).

I think it would be obvious that all three officers should be fired and Howard should be prosecuted. The fact that they remain on the force indicates that Shea should be fired.


Retired transit worker

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Having seen and worked on the inside of the NYPD disciplinary system for many years, your points are well stated. Without commenting on the specific cases you mentioned, I'll just say that some cops who screw up deserve a second chance, and some cops certainly don't. The analysis of each case has to be apolitical, and each case has to be treated as a case of first impression. All bias in police discipline is wrong and unfair to the police officers and to the public. A "popular" decision (with the public) may be the wrong decision, and an unfair decision.


So a thug kills his woman.HORRIBLE,HORRIBLE,HORRIBLE.Once AGAIN ,the bad guy(s)here ,become the NYPD. What this article FAILS to tell us,these two have been battling for a LONG time.IN FACT,she took out an order of protection against HIM.Big question,WHY was SHE at HIS home?? I can't tell you how many stories,FACTUAL,where Law Enforcement walks into a domestic,only to become victims of battery.As I said,horrible,any death by the hands of another,most especially.But to say the Policemen are a fault.These LOVE,HATE relationships ,often end in violent ends.Perhaps Ms.Wells should have abided to the order she took out. GREAT,if this thug stays behind bars forever.But we all know better.NYC is terrible about locking people up for the max.They just want to close cases.At whatever deal they can make.I hardly see why an officer of the law would put their lives in jeopardy.They know the results.Time for the LAW in the courts to do their job.Stop putting blame on Police.

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