To the Editor: The NYPD continues to provide a hiring pool for other law-enforcement departments from all over the country. After young officers get three years in, paying for their instruction in one of the best departments in the country, they are allowed to leave. Just over 1,000 left last year.

With the current climate, this can only accelerate. In order to maximize their earnings over a lifetime, officers should form a study group for the Captain exam. Senior Captains today make about $160,000 a year. After five years as a Captain, they may retire as a Deputy Inspector; after 10 years, as a Deputy Inspector after 15 years and eventually as a Deputy Chief Inspector. Go for it!

The current incompetent Mayor will be gone in 1 1/2 years. The soaring crime rate will probably result in a police-friendly Mayor being elected to succeed him.

I always have said everyone should be a Captain. Hang in there.


Captain (Retired), NYPD

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