To the Editor: My name is Jonah Guerrero and I just recently read the article titled "Student Vaccines Required at CUNY, SUNY, But No Public-School Mandate" from the May 21 edition, and I wanted to share my opinion on the topic.

I agree with having a mandate that all students and staff should be vaccinated in order to start the school year. I believe it is important to keep our people and state safe, and this is a step in the right direction. COVID-19 has been a huge problem for almost two years now and we have come up with a vaccine to slow down the spread and potentially end this pandemic, but some people do not feel comfortable having this vaccine.

However, if we all want things to reopen and have restrictions lifted, the vaccine is really our best option in doing so. Of course, I also believe that we should still practice certain COVID-19 protocols such as social distancing and wearing masks, but the vaccine definitely gives me hope and makes me feel safer in the city where I live. I also agree that there should be exemptions when it comes to students with religious objections or health conditions.

Other than that, though, I recommend that everyone take the vaccine so that we can potentially move forward and go back to the way our lives were.


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Health conditions, yes, but religious objections? I can't imagine God saying, "Don't take the vaccine, die!"


Does God have to talk to be spiritual?


I disagree. I believe once the vaccine is fda approved then it can be mandated but for now it absolutely should not be! It should be a choice

Errol Ogman

What happened tp parents making decision regarding their children's health?

Masks, distancing , isolation, jumping on one foot 4x a days....

What happens during FLU season when people get affected sick, hospitalized and sadly even die?

Do the current numbers match the annual FLU season numbers?

Check the science before you hand over to school administrators and self serving politicians control over your children's bodies.

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