To the Editor: Steve Danko’s apples and oranges comparison to justify Officer Daniel Pantaleo's actions are also dubious (Aug. 30 letter).

A woman pulled over for a traffic violation refuses to show her license and registration and takes off. This is more serious than Eric Garner arguing about being arrested for a minor offense he insists he did not commit.

The woman was not saying “I can’t breathe” while she was on the ground. Garner was, and at that point was not resisting.

Danko’s claim that the cops were not supposed to deal with a medical emergency is ridiculous. So if the ambulance doesn’t get there on time, they should do nothing? Also, how come they did not indicate the sense of urgency to the EMTs?

As for the position of PBA President Patrick Lynch, which was reiterated by Thomas Cunningham (Aug. 30 letter), most people have no problem with the reasonable use of force by police. Some will always criticize cops.

But when a Police Sergeant shot dead a woman swinging a baseball bat at his head, I defended him. Also, most of the public had no problem with his actions.

I did not write about the cops who shot dead a man who pointed a piece of metal at them that looked like a gun. But while a few criticized those cops, the overall public sentiment is that they had no way of knowing that was not a gun. So no major protests followed.

But don’t expect us to defend Panteleo or the other cops at that scene. They should have handled that much better.


Retired transit worker

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