To the Editor: The firing of former Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo was a disgrace to the hard-working men and women of the NYPD who put their jobs, career and lives on the line on a daily basis. I suspect New Yorkers and the Mayor expect them to continue to be diligent and sacrificial lambs for further public abuse.

Police Commissioner O’Neill has shown that after 34 years as a uniformed member of the NYPD, when he ends his career he will have been nothing more than a useful tool for de Blasio. What a way to end a career that was supposed to be distinguished.

At the forefront of the Pantaleo firing was none other than the self-serving, race-baiter, Al Sharpton. Then there is the absentee Bill (I will never be President) de Blasio, who has done everything possible to embarrass this city.

Patrick Lynch has done his best to no avail to try to keep the PBA from becoming brutalized like the NYC Department of Correction, where everyone is being thrown under and run over by the bus. As diverse as the NYPD is, Lynch made one very bad and obvious mistake: when he was standing on that platform expressing his outrage he should have had a large number of minority officers up there with him.

Also, where were all the other police unions? One has to question the validity of the whole investigation, because isn’t it strange that the Sergeant only lost 20 days and the Lieutenant and the other officers basically walked away?

Everyone can Monday morning quarterback and have all the woulda, coulda, and shoulda excuses, especially those who have never worn the uniform. This verdict has invited lawlessness and chaos. I can assure you the lawsuits will be coming fast and furious for every police action where someone breaks a fingernail. They will sue the city, because they know they will get paid just like Eric Garner’s mother was paid before any and all of the facts were in. I am glad that Pantaleo is appealing and I hope he wins.


Deputy Warden Retired

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