To the Editor: The 1,000-pound elephant in the room concerning the presidential candidacy of Pete Buttiegieg is his homosexuality.

Are people forgetting that not long ago in every state where people had an opportunity to vote on homosexual marriage, they voted against it. In California—yes, liberal California—the people voted to outlaw homosexual marriage.

But in an appeal brought before the U.S. Supreme Court, the majority ruled that it was unconstitutional to ban it. That case set in motion the ultimate discussion by the Supreme Court that led to legalizing homosexual marriage.

Now, are we to assume that a Supreme Court ruling in this matter will have changed fundamentally the beliefs of the majority who in the many states that provided them the opportunity voted without exception to prohibit homosexual marriage?

Also, what about others who share similar views but were denied this vote?

If Pete Buttigieg becomes the Democratic nominee, they this majority that has been silent until now will remain silent no more in the privacy of the voting booth for the presidential election, and Donald Trump will ride to victory on top of this 1,000-pound elephant.

This country is not ready to have two men walking hand in hand in the Rose Garden of the White House, one of them President and the other who refers to him as his wife.


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Pete Buttigieg answered "yes" when asked if he would send troops into Mexico to fight drug dealers. He's against Medicare-for-all and criticized Tulsi Gabbard for meeting with Assad, using nonsense arguments against her that she easily ripped apart. He's one of the corporate candidates. Those are reasons, not the sex of who he's married to, to vote against him.


It may be unfair in a wannabe near perfect world, but Mr. Laurie, you are right about the impossibility of Buttigieg winning a presidential election. But his past comments showing insensitivity to the plight of American blacks is just as much of an obstacle to Pete ever getting near the presidency.

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