To the Editor: While he should have done this months ago, I'm glad to see NYC's mayor is finally starting to push against the vaccine denialists in municipal employment.

However, he's still coddling many of the bioterrorists in the Department of Correction, the Police Department and numerous other agencies.

Simply sending them home with (a likely to be reversed) hold on payroll is but a small step.

If I might make a modest proposal: To an ammo-sexual, losing their firearms ranks up there with a reporter losing a byline.

The city should simply, when holding these paychecks, also pull back any government-issued guns. Oh, and also rescind any of the "carry" privileges these folk received as part of their employment. If they decide to retire instead, make sure they don't get a LEOSA card and its nationwide, lifetime, exemptions from gun controls.

If they want to keep their personal firearms, make them slog through the same, outrageously expensive, routinely denied, quagmire regular New Yorkers have to go through.


Former paramedic


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Christian A

Those are very obtuse, insensitive comments. You clearly have no problem with a two citizen system - those who can and those who are not allowed. When your government comes for you (next) I bet you'll be the first one crying and complaining about being infringed.


Scares you, doesn't it, to think that the rationale and sensible folk might hold you accountable.

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