To the Editor: I will not miss ex-SBA President Ed Mullins's bombastic idiocy. But it was wrong, in an Oct. 13 Daily News article, for three reporters to write dismissively about his stances opposing Mayor de Blasio's plans to hire private security for the Rikers Island prison complex and the disciplinary charges against NYPD Sgt. Hugh Barry.

The Mayor's refusal to hire more Correction Officers while threatening to hire private security instead is union-busting.

Barry's shooting of a woman swinging a bat at his head was clearly self-defense. Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark was wrong to prosecute him. The Judge was right to acquit him (Barry waived his right to a jury trial). That de Blasio's Police Department is bringing disciplinary action against him is indefensible.

This is compounded by the fact that the same department dragged its feet in disciplining the officer who killed Eric Garner, Daniel Pantaleo. Even on modified duty, he racked up overtime for years before finally being fired.

Garner's mother, Gwen Carr, is currently suing the NYPD and the Civilian Complaint Review Board to ascertain why no other Police Officers at the scene were disciplined. This is not only because none of them intervened, but because none of them communicated a sense of urgency to the EMTs who arrived afterward,

Barry's case was self-defense. Pantaleo's was not. Anti-union actions are anti-union actions whether they come from a de Blasio or a Trump. In my opinion, Mullins has often been wrong. But on the issues of private security for Rikers and the charges against Barry, he is right.


Retired transit worker


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