To the Editor:

I write this letter in response to your story (Aug. 9 issue) about NYCHA's AWS (Alternative Work Schedule). In the story, employees are labeled as disgruntled, when in fact we were cheated and lied to, by Local 237 President Gregory Floyd.

 The story fails to mention that ALL supervisors were told in a letter mailed out to members by Local 237 that they would have five shifts to choose from, when in reality NO supervisors have five shifts to choose from. And at the larger developments, Superintendents have NO CHOICE, and are being told what single shift they will get.

 After I wrote a letter to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Gregory Floyd was forced to call me. During that conversation, Mr. Floyd told me that all S.O.C's would continue to work every other weekend on overtime. That was a flat-out lie. Almost all S.O.C.'s at the larger developments will be getting little-to-no overtime.

 Local 237 also lied to all Caretakers about how much they would be losing. In that same letter to all members from Local 237, they claimed that the Caretakers would "Make more money," when in fact almost every single Caretaker will be losing almost $4,000 in salary. Caretakers normally work 18 weekends a year on overtime, and earn about $6,100 a year with that overtime. Under the new AWS, they will get about $2,200 a year in weekend differential pay.

 The vast majority of Local 237 members will be losing a lot of money each year under this new agreement. And one can only wonder why Mr. Floyd would agree to such a deal.


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