To the Editor: I applaud PBA President Pat Lynch's position to endorse Pres Trump. Lynch has always been forward-thinking and has gone to great lengths to support, defend and protect his membership. He made a wise and historic decision, because when you see that your own Mayor, the Governor and City Council do not have your back, where should he find support for his membership?

Roger Toussaint and Celestino Monclova (Aug. 28 letters) got it all wrong. President Ronald Reagan once said, "Trust but Verify." Compare Biden's 1994 Criminal Justice Bill to President Trump's—Biden referred then to young black males as predators. More recently on a black-oriented radio show, Biden told the host that if he didn't vote for him, "You ain't black."

Kamala Harris's public record as California's Attorney General regarding black people and fair justice stinks. Harris when last on Stephan Colbert's show stated that the so-called peaceful protesters should continue to protest even after the election. So apparently she supports the mass chaos, the destruction of private predominately black and public property, the murder of young and old innocent blacks, and the murder of Police Officers in the line of duty. 

Before and since the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, liberal Democrats both white and black have done a  miserable job in the black community. During the Democratic National Convention, not one speaker called for the violence, rioting and looting to stop. 

At the RNC, dozens of blacks and other people of color spoke in support of President Trump. They are all being vilified as Uncle Toms, Aunt Jemimas and tokens. 

CNN's Don Lemon interviewed Jacob Blake's mother, Julia Jackson, and asked her if she had anything to say to the President or any politician. She proved herself to be a woman of real class and knowledge. Although her baby boy who was shot in the back seven times and is currently paralyzed from the waist down, she said she wanted to apologize to President Trump for comments made by family members who were upset. Who saw that coming?

PBA President Pat Lynch I salute you for having the intestinal fortitude to stand up for your membership and make an unpopular Right Decision in a Liberal Dying and Decaying New York City.

If the the police are de-funded and disbanded, WHO are you going to call?


Deputy Warden (Retired)

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From one combat veteran to another, I can not understand how you can support a man who has insulted our fallen soldiers, by calling them losers & suckers.

Lance Patrouch

Is it possible Pat Lynch has political ambitions beyond being the PBA president. It doesn't make much sense otherwise to endorse a person who has done nothing in support of the working man and woman.

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