To the Editor: Recently, The Daily News printed letters from retired police officers that while making some good points, partially attributed the increase in shootings to the elimination of stop-and-frisk and the decriminalization of marijuana. 

But shootings were declining for years while stop-and-frisks dramatically decreased. Obviously, you can't justify randomly stopping young black men without cause.

This was further aggravated by the often-abusive manner in which some cops carried out this policy. It was further inflamed by quotas. If you tell cops they have to make X amount of stops or arrests, they will feel pressured to fill these quotas at the expense of innocent people. 

On the flip side of the coin is Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who made a fact-lacking defense of looters, saying they needed loaves of bread to feed their families. They didn't take big- screen TVs and i-phones to feed their families. And consider the people of color who own small stores and had already been hurt by the pandemic being victims of the looters. 

Ocasio-Cortez, like the retired police officers, spouts a blindly ideological narrative. This got lost in the controversy caused by Republican Florida Representative Ted Yoho, who instead of giving an intelligent, fact-based response resorted instead to a crude, personal verbal attack on her. 

Then there's the continued outcry against mass incarceration. But how can you guarantee jailing fewer people if you can't guarantee less crime? Our "justice" system does have a history of wrongly jailing people. But it also has a history of freeing people who should remain in jail. 

Then there's those who would defund the police. A friend who was at a recent Black Lives Matter event said that those he spoke to clearly didn't want that. They want racist cops to go and more good cops added. 

But for those people who feel they have the right to not only demand defunding the police but to harass City Council Members and their families at their homes, they are an example of why we need cops and jails. 

The New York State Legislature passing and Governor Cuomo signing legislation outlawing chokeholds except in extenuating circumstances should have been sufficient. Cops forced to use chokeholds in serious violent confrontations would be supported. Cops causing death or serious injury by applying them unnecessarily and doing it even after a prisoner was already under control would be prosecuted. 

But the clowns in the City Council had to pass a bill that added other holds to the prohibition and made no allowance for extenuating circumstances. Typically two-faced Mayor de Blasio said he had reservations about the bill but signed it anyway. His excuse was they had the votes to override a veto. So what? At least your support wouldn't have been part of its enactment. 

The problem when people blindly cling to ideological propaganda as opposed to thinking issues through using facts, decency and logic is they come up with positions removed from reality.  


Retired transit worker

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