To the Editor: When I think of the socialism I support, I think of what exists in Scandinavian countries and is advocated by Senator Bernie Sanders.

Obviously, we need a much-higher minimum wage. In 1996, President Bill Clinton signed legislation that put limits on how long you can stay on welfare without raising the minimum wage to a livable level. As I predicted then, this produced the working homeless.

When you don't provide the complete government-funded health care for all that other advanced countries provide, more people will die.

When you use the military to protect corporate interests instead of for defense, numerous people (both foreigners and our own soldiers) will be harmed and killed.

Obviously, money should be spent on the well-being of our citizens instead of providing hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate welfare to build weapons we don't need.

The evil of capitalism is the philosophy that making money is all that matters, no matter how poorly you treat workers or even if you harm the environment to the point where the human race cannot survive.

Now let's take a look at some of the positions taken by the so-called Democratic Socialists of America that were highlighted in the Oct. 2nd Razzle Dazzle column.

Using the coronavirus as a reason to place "an immediate moratorium on all arrests" is insane. If a gunman threatens Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, is she saying he should not be arrested?

Cutting the NYPD budget by 50 percent and freeing everyone from prison? I've read of cases in the past when a man who tries to kill an ex-lover or ex-wife was freed and then killed her. How is this compatible with women's rights?

You can certainly express your displeasure with the Israeli government's policies without demanding that those who seek your endorsement not ever travel there.

Socialism is supposed to be for working people, not criminals. I oppose employers who rob their employees by under-compensating them. I also oppose street criminals who rob workers.

At a time when we're opposing insane Republican policies from those who call themselves Republicans and from Clintonites who call themselves Democrats,, we don't need a group trying to pass insanity off as socialism.


Retired transit worker

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Very well stated. Imagine someone out there using common sense!👏

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