To the Editor: Once again, the so-called Citizens Budget Commission is suggesting sacrifices by moderately compensated and low-paid city workers to balance the municipal budget ("CDC Menu for Savings May Make Workers Gag," by Richard Steier, Sept. 11 Chief-Leader). Don't ever hold your breath waiting for this "commission" to suggest that the rich people who fund it pay more in taxes. The main thrust of this article is that state workers must contribute payments for their health plans but city workers don't.

This is an issue only because the United States remains the only advanced Western country that does not provide complete health-care coverage funded by the government. So whether or not a non-elderly person has health coverage provided to them is determined by what job they have or if they even have a job. Even those who are old enough for Medicare find that coverage is limited, which is why many pay for additional coverage.

Now should the expected happen and Joe Biden becomes the next President, we will have another leader who opposes providing all U.S. residents with such coverage. The Democrats did manage to sabotage the campaigns of two candidates who did support such coverage, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

So if you want what all civilized nations have, not having to worry about how to pay for your treatment when you get sick, get ready to put much pressure on President Biden.


Retired transit worker

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NOTHING, even HEALTHCARE, comes for free! Someone is paying. The TAXPAYER is paying! YOU are a taxpayer. So if you want "free" healthcare like other countries, either you go live there or get ready to pay a MASSIVE increase in federal taxes and an additional VAT (Value Added Tax), which is approximately 25% in the European Union.

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