To the Editor: Concerning the shootings with automatic weapons, various solutions have been proposed. One is to have longer periods for background checks before a person can buy. Another is a red-light list of people mentally unfit or otherwise not allowed to buy the weapon.

Both of these can easily be circumvented by having a surrogate buy the weapon. This has been proven, as one of the recent shooters had a surrogate buy body armor and other equipment. It could just as easily been a weapon.

The only certain way to prevent these shootings is a mandated buyback program by the Federal Government. The corrupt National Rifle Association holds that the Second Amendment of our Constitution allows any citizen of age to buy such weapons. The founding fathers never envisioned the invention of machine guns, rocket-launchers, bazookas or automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Civilians are rightfully prohibited from owning machine guns, etc. The same should hold true for automatic weapons, which have the ability to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. They can’t be used for hunting or any other legitimate purpose.

The current administration is led by our President Donald Trump. Reportedly he received $30 million in campaign contributions from the NRA. They own him. Also, Senator Mitch McConnell is in their pocket.

A buyback program should be run by Homeland Security. Every county in the country should have at least one location for the buybacks. Price given to those who turn them in would be retail price, so the owners are encouraged to cooperate. No questions asked. In the big cities and more-populated areas, many more locations will be needed. Personnel from other Federal agencies, such as the FBI, Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Administration should be employed. After a set period, say 60 days, any civilian found in possession of such weapons should be arrested and charged with a Federal felony, minimum 1 year and 1 day in Federal prison. More weapons? More time.

Weapons could be sent to a refinery for smelting or dumped deep in the ocean.

Who in the Democratic Party is fit to run for President and win? I have a pretty good sense of the political temperature of the heartland of our country. There is no way that any of the looney-tune people on the left will be able to win. Joe Biden appears to be on the verge of early senility. Trump will cut him to pieces in the debate. The logical choice, as I see it, is Martin O’Malley, the former three-time Governor of Maryland. He appears to be a moderate and will bring the Democratic party back to the center where it belongs. If he is okay with the Federal buyback, he can ask Michael Bloomberg for financial support.

I am asking Congresswoman Pelosi and Senator Schumer to put a bill on the floor requiring a roll-call vote to authorize the buyback. Too much money? The country is trillions of dollars in debt, which can never be repaid. What’s a few billion dollars more? What are the lives of our citizens’ worth? Write to your congresspeople and Senators to push for a vote on this bill.

Australia did buybacks years ago. New Zealand just did one and more than 10,000 were turned in.


Captain (Retired) NYPD

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