To the Editor: The author of the Sept. 24 Daily News op-ed piece advocates for passing both infrastructure bills. He notes that they would create hundreds of thousands of union jobs, rebuild roads and bridges and expand mass transit.

They would also provide expanded health care and lower prescription-drug prices. It would be funded by tax increases on the rich.

He also notes that this would be likely to get Democrats re-elected, just as keeping the promises of The New Deal kept them in power for decades.

Now this sounds very progressive to me. Yet this column was written by an ex-congressman described as "moderate," Max Rose.

Meanwhile, Mayor de Blasio continues his attacks on workers with attempts to bust the Correction Officers' union. Yet he calls himself progressive.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposes closing Rikers Island by releasing all 6,000 prisoners. Does she honestly believe none of them are dangerous? If so, delusional, rather than progressive, would describe her.

We need to judge leaders on what they say and do, not with labels they or the news media put on them.


Retired transit worker

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