To the Editor: How many votes did it take for the U.S. Senate to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to The Supreme Court? 52. How many votes did it take to pass Donald Trump's tax cuts? 51.

But Democrats whine about Republicans refusing to vote for raising the debt ceiling or for the larger $3.5-trillion infrastructure bill. God forbid Democrats should go around the filibuster as Republicans did.

Democrats who are called moderates balk at the price of the larger bill, which amounts to $350 billion a year over 10 years. This year's defense budget alone is $778 billion. China is second to us at an estimated $252 billion. Third is India at $72.9 billion, and fourth is Russia at $61.7 billion, according to

Meanwhile, Democrats who call themselves progressives don't want to vote to extend the debt ceiling, or for the cheaper $1-trillion infrastructure bill unless the larger bill is passed at the same time. Extending the debt ceiling is urgent since the government needs to be able to pay its bills. This should be done as quickly as possible regardless of whether any Republicans will vote for it. Enough Republicans in the Senate have already voted with Democrats to pass the smaller infrastructure bill to make the filibuster a non-factor. So for some House Democrats to say they won't vote for anything without the larger bill is not progressive—it's childish.

The reason Democrats lost Congress during the Obama years was because they were too busy fighting each other to deliver on their promises. Also, expecting cooperation from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is like expecting a rattlesnake not to bite.

Too bad Larry The Cable Guy is not a Democrat. They need someone to tell them to "Get 'Er Done."


Retired transit worker

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