To the Editor: So now TWU International President John Samuelsen wants to end his relationship with Governor Cuomo. Well, look who just caught up!

We have been reporting on the dangerous, sellout relationship Samuelsen forced us into with Cuomo for over a decade. I mean, after Tier 6, nine years ago, you would think TWU would have gotten a clue. Bad contract after bad contract, as Samuelsen and Tony Utano begged and conceded all of our gains and dragged us below the rising cost of living, farmed out work, failed to keep money in our station booths, failed to protect our health during the pandemic, failed to secure hazard pay for transit workers, failed to get promised Tier 6 reform, and when there's nothing left but devastation, now he breaks up with him?

Cuomo has been a blight on our union, and that responsibility falls squarely on the heads of Samuelsen and Utano, who were his loyal enablers. By 2017, plenty of damage had already been done but Samuelsen had Cuomo speak at the 2017 TWU convention and told the delegation Cuomo was our best friend. Members of the Rapid Transit Operations delegation got up and walked out when Cuomo was introduced as keynote speaker. An angry and embarrassed Samuelsen went right to retaliation mode.

But why the play? Why now? Samuelsen is a failed TWU International president. Utano is a failed TWU Local 100 president. We lost thousands of Las Vegas casino dealers who unanimously left the TWU. American Airlines mechanics are trying to decertify TWU and go to another union. Local 100 members are sick of our leadership selling our job security.

Samuelsen is announcing his breakaway and trying to get removed from the MTA Board to pretend he's a fighter with our best interests at heart. He's not. He's a phony and a failure who's trying to pull the wool over our eyes one more time to save his political career.

We're not buying it.


Car Inspector

TWU Local 100

Editor's note: Mr. Campbell is a past candidate for president of Transport Workers Union Local 100.

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