To the Editor: Was there voter fraud occurring in several states? Yes. But believing that is an opinion; proving it in a court of law is a whole other matter.

Trump has the right to demand recounts and to legally challenge the validity of the vote in several states, but it has to be done in an expeditious manner.

I will accept Biden as President, unlike how my friends on the left reacted in 2016. This was a stinging loss, but there were positives for our side. We will in all likelihood keep the Senate while gaining seats in the House.

The Democrats spent all that money in state races across the country yet they failed to hold legislatures that control redistricting. We are poised to challenge for control of the House in 2022.

Going forward I will join the fight against what I surmise will be misguided agendas by the Biden Administration. One thing I will not do is whine like a colicky baby, the way the left has for the past four years.


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Sorry there was no fraud committed in this election. Biden won fair and square.


That’s your opinion. Read the letter. My opinion is completely opposite but I clearly state that it would be difficult to prove. I acknowledge that Biden is going to win, unfortunately.

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