To the Editor: Here’s another example of what experts the Democrats are at losing elections. Senator Elizabeth Warren says “Kamala Harris would be on my short list (as a vice presidential running mate). She’s smart, she’s confident.”

Who cares if she’s evil! I presume I’m not the only one who discovered her horrendous record as a prosecutor when Googling her.

Trying to keep innocent people in prison, defending false confessions and arguing that prisoners should not be released because their labor is needed are some examples. No wonder she’s had so little support.

Warren cannot claim to be ignorant of this record, since Rep.

Tulsi Gabbard brought up some of it in one debate.

Now I can’t ignore such immorality from a candidate. Nobody who would take on President Donald Trump on moral grounds could credibly do so with Harris as a running mate.

But if I were to humor those who would choose Harris for “pragmatic” reasons, let’s examine how that would work.

First, there’s appeal to the “Identity Politics” crowd. Warren is a woman, so she should already appeal to the female vote. Since many victims of Harris’ actions as a prosecutor are people of color, I don’t think she’d be appealing to “her people.”

Harris dropped out of the presidential race because she was getting little financial support and scoring low in the polls. And this is with most of the media giving her favorable coverage and ignoring her wrongdoing.

The Democrats are now concerned about having an all-white presidential ticket. That did not bother them when Hillary Clinton picked an awful white man, Tim Kaine, as her vice presidential running mate.

If the best presidential ticket had won in 2016, we would have the first woman and first Jewish president in Jill Stein and the first black vice president in Amaju Baraka (who were actually good). But Democrats only concern themselves with Identity Politics when it suits them.

Back in 1988, Michael Dukakis was leading all polls when he got the Democratic nomination for president. He then picked as his running mate a Congressman who was technically a member of the Democratic party but voted like a Republican, Lloyd Bentsen.

Dukakis quickly sunk in the polls and lost to the man who would become the first President George Bush. More than 30 years later, it appears many Democrats have learned nothing.


Retired transit worker

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