To the Editor: Crime does pay on Rikers Island, and now all of NYC.

City Hall has allotted a million of your dollars for a new program. We now pay criminals in advance not to shoot and kill us. The program is called "advance peace."

Under the program, those highest "at risk" to be involved in gun crime (killers) will be paired with formerly incarcerated mentors (other criminals) and will be paid $1,000 each month not to shoot us. Bonus money, also paid by the working people, is available for these predators if they get their driver's license and/or their GED.

The executive director of the group "Community Capacity Development" says "we are getting resources directly into the hands of those most impacted and affected by violence." Translation: we will pay the most-violent criminals $1,000 each per month not to kill us. This is nothing less than voluntary extortion payments. And no one asked us if were willing to pay. But rest assured, our tax dollars are paying for it.

Rapists, drug dealers, break-in artists, car thieves, schoolyard bullies, etc. may sue for discrimination. Where are their payoffs?

This cowardly concession to criminals was used recently in the NYC jails. Inmates were paid $25 per week not to assault other inmates. It completely failed—our jails are miserable hotbeds of violence and assorted gang activity at a level never seen before in our history. What is the incentive to follow the law if we pay those who break the law?

It absolutely amazes me that the majority of NYC residents are for this practice of rewarding the worst behavior. They must be. They keep voting for politicians who want to defund the police, close Rikers Island, and pay the criminals.



Assistant Deputy Wardens/Deputy Wardens Assoc.

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