To the Editor: Frank DeSanna is wrong (Oct. 11 letter) for so many reasons, my response will be longer than his letter.

If you’re brought into any hospital with a heart attack, it’s treated as an emergency. You’re not put on a waiting list.

In fact, the purpose of providing universal health care is to avoid developing a medical crisis that necessitates a visit to the emergency room.

According to Bloomberg (September 2018 report), a publication run by a man who’s nobody’s idea of a socialist, Canada has the 16th-best health care system, Britain is 35 and The United States is 55.

Ranked number one is Hong Kong, which provides free health care with small co-payments for all residents and resident children under 11. Number two is Singapore, which has a government-run universal health care system. Number three is Spain, which has universal health care.

As for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Cadillac congressional health plan, that’s limited to members of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court.

When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, he promised to expand it to all U.S. citizens who wanted it. But the public option was not included in the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).

Now I will not hesitate to point out that it was not the fault of the Republicans, who did not control either house of Congress when Obamacare passed. Enough Democrats opposed the public option to kill it.

So unlike DeSanna, I will not write in a rigidly ideological and partisan manner and ignore that.

Logic, morality and common sense should make it obvious that medical care is necessary for humans to avoid premature death.

Therefore, it should not be treated as a commodity but should be provided to everyone.


Retired transit worker

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I don’t treat the “letter to the editor “ as an op ed column, so I generally don’t respond to other letters. The exception is when the pompous blowhard critiques my letters. You know the guy who needs a half a page to say the sun rose this morning. Our opinions don’t match, but I do base mine on facts as you do. I can counter your arguments wth data from the Fraser Institte, the Insttte of Chinese medcne, & others. I don’t hide my opinions. I don’t believe health insurance is a right. I believe people are responsible for their own health. I believe govt has a role n health care, but I don’t want them running it. In fact I am poltical, and the point of my letter was to imply that I consider Sanders a hypocrite. You are free to disagree & I’m not trying to say your opinion s wrong. I will say that I can back up my opinions wth facts. I will not reply to your letter in the paper.

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