To the Editor: Before the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump, some wondered if it would be worth the effort, since it was unlikely that there would be the necessary 17 Republican Senators to vote to convict Trump of incitement of the insurgency.

But after two days of legal arguments and frightening videos, we know the trial is not only worth the effort, it is absolutely necessary to show the treasonous attack on democracy in real time. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that we never forget that many Republican Members of Congress supported Trump's attempt to overturn the election and destroy our democracy. All Americans who value democracy and the rule of law have to face the fact that we are involved in a very real civil war, and it probably won't end in the near future.

Let's imagine that Trump and his most-violent sycophants had achieved their goals in killing Trump's named adversaries, including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mike Pence and Mitt Romney. The delay in the certification of the states' votes would have allowed Trump to keep fighting to keep his power and stay in the White House. His supporters in Congress would not have blamed Trump for the deaths of elected officials, just as they have not blamed him for those who actually died on Jan. 6. 

We cannot afford to ever forget the attack, and we should never forgive Trump and his co-conspirators for their traitorous actions. 


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