To the Editor: To all those with short memories and little concern for the will of the governed—as opposed to those who believe that their obscene fortunes install them as monarchs—allow me to remind such willing serfs that Mike Bloomberg was the Mayor who stepped all over the will of the People of New York City who not once, but twice passed the referendum limiting all who would become mayor of that great city to two, and only two, consecutive terms in office.

And, lest they forget, in their rush to anoint him, how he rightfully moaned and complained when his predecessor Rudy Giuliani attempted to squeeze in a third term on the heels of the 911 disaster. Yet, it was he, Michael Bloomberg, who, in the closing hours of his second term trampled the will and the rights of his “subjects,” buying off the equally self-serving Members of the City Council, inviting them to override the referendum, while joining him to likewise grab a third term.

Now, this 12-year former “King of New York City,” having failed to deal with gun control, affordable housing, or the growing homeless population; all serious national issues, would have us believe that he is the merciful, benevolent ruler who will ride in on his mighty steed and bring down the ogre currently occupying the Oval Office.

Just keep thinking that!


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