To the Editor: After reading the Jan. 31 article, introducing Benny Boscio, who has been the Sergeant at Arms for the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association for about 10 years, I asked myself: how committed is he really to the suffering membership that has been forsaken by the COBA board and victimized by administration for far too long?

Throughout the years Benny Boscio comfortably sat quietly in his seat, while Norman Seabrook repeatedly betrayed his membership causing severe financial and emotional hardship to the thousands he swore to protect. When other candidates organized to oust Norman Seabrook through impeachment hearings or during re-elections, Benny Boscio always stood shoulder to shoulder with Seabrook and his entire board, supporting his decisions and contributing to his campaigns.

Throughout my time in service, I observed Benny Boscio politely coercing members to accept unfair disciplinary charges in lieu of defending them, and not once observed or heard of him standing up for any officer who was being mistreated or victimized by one or more supervisors. Also, to add further insult to injury, when COBA President Elias Husamudeen illegally grabbed the sign-in books and suddenly cancelled the scheduled COBA meeting in June 2019, it was seen and recorded that Benny Boscio defended his disrespectful actions by telling the angry crowd that there was absolutely nothing he could do.

Benny Boscio has already revealed how ineffective he would be as COBA’s future President because of his many years as a board member who remained passive and silent in order to go along so he could get along.

I believe Sean Connery’s character said it best in the 1987 film “The Untouchables” as a seasoned Chicago cop: If you are afraid of getting a rotten apple, don’t go to the barrel, go to the tree. Unfortunately for the entire COBA membership, they no longer have that option because of the new bylaws that Benny Boscio voted in favor of that closed off the entire orchard and only offered apples from the barrel, by prohibiting anyone the current COBA President does not want to campaign against him, from doing so.


Ex-Correction Officer,

2012 COBA presidential candidate 

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Celestino Monclova's letter is a bottom of the 9th walk off home run. Sneaky Benny Boscio FAILED THE COBA MEMBERS time after time. He stood by and said nothing when Norman Seabrook went after William Valentin. He knew the details of the multiple sexual harassment lawsuits against Norman that were brought by female officers and were settled in the millions. Sneaky Benny knew yet did nothing, standing wrong and strong with Seabrook. When the COBA Executive Board voted to pay for Norman Seabrook's attorney, Sneaky Benny was one of those YES votes. Why would he vote YES to pay the lawyer of the man accused of stealing from the union with union funds? Then there is Sneaky Benny's most recent vomitous act where as Sergeant-at-Arms his duty at union meetings is to maintain good order and hold onto the Sign-In books. He ALLOWED Elias to take those sign-in books and declare that June 2019 meeting unofficial. NOW we should all support him for COBA President? He completely abdicated his responsibilities as COBA Sergeant-at-Arms and now wants to be COBA President? FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU. FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME. I say a BIG FAT NO TO SNEAKY BENNY. Next stop for you Sneaky Benny is NYCERS at 340 Jay St in Brooklyn.

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