To the Editor:

In “Crime Story” podcast, Attorney General William Barr, our nation’s top lawyer, talks about what real justice means to him; that is, the kind of justice meted out by fictional vigilantes, Dirty Harry and the Charles Bronson character Paul Kersey in “Death Wish.”

The context of Barr’s stated infatuation with vigilantism is important. Barr was responding to a discussion on documented cases of police brutality and the so-called “Ferguson Effect” that makes police officers think twice about using excessive force in the pursuit of “justice.”

Barr said that the criminal justice process is not justice, and while it’s supposed to achieve justice, it frequently doesn’t. So apparently, our nation’s top lawyer favors vigilantism over the criminal justice system to achieve real justice.

That’s not just wrong and stupid; it’s sick. Barr is a sick man, and he is our judicial standard-bearer. When you think of Trump’s swamp, look for the vigilante-lover with the big mouth, Attorney General William Barr.

Barr has proven himself to be a disgrace to the legal profession, a devious and calculating liar, just like his boss, Donald J. Trump, who never tells the truth when a lie will do as well. The presidential swamp of liars and crooks gets more crowded by the day, and we patriotic Americans won’t be able to exhale until the presidential election in 2020, followed by the ejection of Trump and his cronies in January, 2021.


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