To the Editor: While it's certainly good to know that the NYPD Anti-Crime Unit is being reinstated by Mayor Adams, it never should have been disbanded in the first place.

Anyone with two functioning brain cells (which leaves out Mayor de Blasio) could have guessed the outcome of such an idiotic decision. Commissioner Dermot Shea should have pushed back against such an absurd directive and told de Blasio, "Not on my watch." And if push came to shove, Shea should have resigned in protest.

Anti-Crime officers did their job and they did it well. They got the guns off the street and put the bad guys away.

And as far as alienating the residents of these high-crime precincts with their aggressive policing tactics, what would the residents prefer: to feel safe in their homes and on their streets or to be held hostage to fear by these gang-banging mutts?

As Clint Eastwood said to Hal Holbrook in 1973's "Magnum Force," "Nothing wrong with shooting, as long as the right people get shot."



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