To the Editor: With NYC in a state of bedlam due to anti-police protests, a dramatic increase in crime and tens of millions in property damage, President Trump and Mayor de Blasio are locked in a political tug- of-war, each seeking to achieve a self-serving victory.

Both claim they want to restore law and order to city streets. However, it seems we have two political leaders who are inept failures and disliked by many New Yorkers struggling to find a way to beat each other instead of solving the problems. Unfortunately, their doomed political objectives come at the expense of the citizens of NYC.

Trump the autocrat, who is obsessed with law and order for everyone except himself and his cronies, wants to send Federal law-enforcement agents to NYC as he has in Portland, Ore. to end the lawlessness and regain control.

And de Blasio, the lame-duck Mayor who leans left more than the Tower of Pisa, believes NYC police officers can handle the recent spike in crime, the violent protests and the severe property damage to looted businesses and burned police cars even though he has handcuffed them, taken away some of their authority and decimated their will to act.

As in Portland, by deploying federal agents to NYC, Trump's objective is to create and escalate physical confrontations between law enforcement and protesters as a campaign stunt and then use those videos in his ads to scare rural America into thinking that this is what they can expect if Biden is elected—even though the protests, police confrontations and social issues that led up to the chaos occured on Trump's watch. This deployment is to send the false message that only Trump can protect you, and ultimately to get the rural and suburban vote in November.

In de Blasio's utopian fantasy, he wants to believe that police can enforce the law despite City Hall's lack of support, anti-police rhetoric, implementation of policies that "deform" the police and while instructing police officers to retreat, as we have seen in recent cellphone videos.

The song "Stuck In The Middle With You" by "Stealers Wheel" said it best: "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you."

Trump and de Blasio: one a clown and the other a joker and both nothing more than a travesty of leadership that leaves the people of NYC stuck in the middle of their political agenda.


Adjunct Assistant Professor,

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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