To the Editor: Jan. 6, 2021 was a sad day in America when the world witnessed Donald Trump's minions, some waving Confederate flags, breaching the nation's Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

As a result of a protest that was encouraged and inspired by Trump, the U.S. Capitol was stormed by insurgents, there was an armed standoff between police and rioters and five people died. Pursuant to this event, Vice President Mike Pence should have immediately invoked the 25th Amendment and removed Trump from office.

Trump is the kindling wood that sparked this wild fire of sedition in America. Shortly before the protest began, Trump told the crowd that he would walk down the street to the Capitol with them.

He poured more fuel on the fire after the Capitol Building was stormed in a bizarre one-minute video tweet where he continued to brainwash his cult by repeating his false assertion that the presidential election was "stolen" before telling the riotous mob "we love you," and directed them to "go home." Shortly thereafter, Trump's Twitter account was temporarily shut down "because it violated the Twitter Rules."

Apparently Trump was watching the attack on the nation's Capitol on TV, like the arsonist who returns to the crime scene and watches the firefighters risk their lives to battle the fire that he ignited.

Trump has again manifested his inability to lead America while the indisputable leader of this rabble that is rebelling against the U.S. Constitution. Donald Trump is personally and directly responsible for this insurrection, along with pusillanimous GOP enablers who for four years mitigated his crimes, obsequiously stroked his ego and refused to invoke constitutional checks and balances on their "Dear Leader."

Even for the limited days left in his administration, Trump should not remain as the President. He has once again put the lives of police officers and elected officials in danger. He continues to disregard the U.S. Constitution, stoke sedition, instigate violence, attack democracy, violate the law, embarrass America, diminish our standing worldwide and fracture the foundational core of American doctrine.

As the head of this treasonous mob rioting at the nation's Capitol, Trump is the villain in this battle between democracy and autocracy.

On Jan 20, the physical stain of Donald Trump will be cleansed from the White House, but his poisonous ideology is indelibly engraved in American history. And history will inevitably judge his misprision.

Donald Trump is a rabid dog without a leash marauding across the United States.


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