Friday, September 11, 2020

To the Editor: I certainly hope that the United Federation of Teachers understands that supporting the grand deal coming will lead to the strong possibility that the contract is opened and UFT… Read more

To the Editor: While I stand behind my letter about Roger Toussaint (Sept. 4 issue), I did not mean to imply that The Chief was in agreement with Mr. Toussaint's allegations. Read more

To the Editor: Given the recent events stemming from COVID-19, income inequality has been in the news often. The U.S. has the 46th highest level of inequality out of 150 countries. Read more

To the Editor: Once again, the so-called Citizens Budget Commission is suggesting sacrifices by moderately compensated and low-paid city workers to balance the municipal budget ("CDC Menu for … Read more

To the Editor: Andrew Cuomo condemned, as well he should, Donald Trump after the President threatened to defund New York and other cities because of their alleged failure to control crime, vio… Read more

To the Editor: In his book Proclamation 1625, the African-American Irish author, Herbert Byrd Jr., describes the strategy of dividing the lower class in colonial times (as we see today in "Bla… Read more

To the Editor: Bob Woodward's recordings prove Trump's deliberate lies to the public (in Trump's own words) about the deadly threat of the coronavirus, about his denigration of military heroes… Read more

To the Editor: Donald Trump's offensive against the United States Military began in the 1960s when he dodged the draft five times. To this day, he continues to fool millions of Americans with … Read more

Friday, September 04, 2020

To the Editor: I applaud PBA President Pat Lynch's position to endorse Pres Trump. Lynch has always been forward-thinking and has gone to great lengths to support, defend and protect his membe… Read more

To the Editor: If someone had told me a few years back that conservative voters would not only accept but embrace President Trump's actions, I would have said you're crazy. Yet here we are. Read more