Friday, January 17, 2020

To the Editor: Governor Cuomo’s second veto of the Employee Protection Provision bill that would restore school bus drivers and matrons wages, pensions and vacation time is not surprising (Cry… Read more

To the Editor: Without looking into a crystal ball as to the future of the 500 new MTA Police Officers being recruited by the MTA to patrol New York City’s subways. I would draw their attentio… Read more

To the Editor: It is disheartening to see an accomplished jurist such as Judith Sheindlin campaigning for Mike Bloomberg (New York Post, “Bloomy serves up red ‘meet’,” 1/12). Kangaroo courts i… Read more

Monday, January 13, 2020

To the Editor: This publication recently stated (Jan. 10 issue) that proponents of bail reform should “have their heads examined” for not having given judges the ability to automatically incar… Read more

To the Editor: Here’s another example of what experts the Democrats are at losing elections. Senator Elizabeth Warren says “Kamala Harris would be on my short list (as a vice presidential runn… Read more

To the Editor: It would appear that spending the last 3+ years at President Trump’s side has rubbed off on Mike Pence. During his vacation at Florida’s Sanibel Island, our self-righteous, born… Read more

To the Editor: In 1961 Philip Roth wrote about the difficulty a writer has “trying to understand and then describe, and then make credible much of the American reality. It stupefies, it sicken… Read more