Monday, November 18, 2019

To the Editor: In response to Mark Wolf’s letter (Nov. 15 issue): before you try to give me a civics lesson on how the impeachment process works, get your own facts straight. If Trump is impea… Read more

To the Editor: Not long ago in American politics, the GOP was led by Arizona Senator John McCain, an American patriot and war hero. At that time the GOP stood for diplomacy, law and order, fam… Read more

To the Editor: If Michael Bloomberg gets elected, he will eventually become only the second President in history to serve more than the constitutional limit of two terms. He will so order it a… Read more

To the Editor: Sen. Lindsey Graham recently called the Trump Ukraine policy “incoherent.” A few weeks earlier, the South Carolinian stated that Mr. Trump’s Syrian policy was “a disaster.” Read more

To the Editor: The labels politicians give themselves does not necessarily describe their actual policies. Mayor Bill de Blasio can falsely claim that closing Rikers Island and putting the car… Read more

Thursday, November 07, 2019

To the Editor: A closer look at the sky-rocketing costs of the category of drugs known as specialty pharmaceuticals validates a proposal to rein them in, offered by TWU Local 100 President Ton… Read more

To the Editor: I had to check the byline on a Nov. 1 letter to The Chief-Leader because it read as though it was written by Sean Hannity or even Donald Trump, himself. In just 111 words, I fou… Read more

To the Editor: In response to Frank DeSanna’s letter in the Nov. 1st edition, I want to thank him for admitting Trump should be Impeached. Read more

To the Editor: First Local 237 told us that the Alternative Work Schedule was wonderful, then they went to court to try and stop it. Which way is up here? Read more

Friday, November 01, 2019