Monday, December 06, 2021

To the Editor: In your "Cheating Public" editorial, you alluded to many reasons for not getting the shot. Something you missed is plain. Read more

To the Editor: The concerns expressed in the Dec. 3 editorial, "Borough-Based Crapshoot," are entirely legitimate. But it's not surprising that dense-headed Mayor Bill de Blasio feels that eve… Read more

To the Editor: On Jan. 1, Bill de Blasio will no longer be Mayor but he will bequeath an abysmal disaster to New Yorkers. It's the monster he revived called Rikers that's been mired in mispris… Read more

To the Editor: The "smash-and-grab" robberies are increasing and are getting a great deal of coverage in the media these days. While the recent "smash-and-grabs" in California, Illinois and Mi… Read more

Friday, November 26, 2021

To the Editor: As a retired police officer, it was gratifying to see the "lynching-murderers" of Ahmaud Arbery get convicted of murder. They will certainly also face a Federal civil-rights tri… Read more

To the Editor: Six months into the Trump presidency, I wrote, "Donald Trump is a stain on America's soul" and "this stain is indelible and our standing in the world has been permanently diminished." Read more

Friday, November 19, 2021

To the Editor: In the cases against both Kyle Rittenhouse and Travis McMichael (and others), what is really on trial is depraved and hateful vigilantism. Read more

To the Editor: Mayor-elect Eric Adams tells ordinary New Yorkers "I am you." When the conversation turns to raising money from well-heeled and powerful developers, it's "I am real estate" and … Read more

To the Editor: For the most part, my letters focus on GOP shortcomings. However, one area where Republicans outshine Democrats is commitment. While I strongly disagree with GOP voters, I have … Read more