Friday, May 29, 2020

To the Editor: Why on earth does it keep happening? George Floyd is the latest African American man to be murdered by the very people sworn to protect him-- police officers. Read more

To the Editor: In his rebuttal (May 22 issue) of my May 15 letter regarding the NYPD and the DOE, Ron Isaac accuses me of all manner of nefarious intent and undisguised hostility toward Teache… Read more

To the Editor: The Chief's excellent coverage of the case of Principal Minerva Zanca ("DOE Ripped for Backing Principal Accused of Blatant Racial Bias," 1/31/2020, et. al.) draws back the curt… Read more

To the Editor: Andrew Cuomo has justifiably been praised for his leadership during the coronoavirus pandemic. His daily briefings, however, should not induce a state of amnesia about his record. Read more

Friday, May 22, 2020

To the Editor: PBA President Pat Lynch is still an employee of the Police Department. He has engaged in Trumpian incivility by calling the leaders of New York City cowards. Is this projection … Read more

To the Editor: It isn't a surprise to hear President Trump tell a lie. What has always been a surprise is how little effect the president's lies have on his base support. And that support rema… Read more

To the Editor: President Trump said he has been taking Hydroxychloroquine for about two weeks as a preventive medication. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that he doesn't believe Trump, and has … Read more