Friday, September 20, 2019

To the Editor: Looks like the National Weather Service has become the latest casualty in President Trump’s ongoing war against anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with the Genius-in-Chief. Read more

To the Editor: Continuing in its new approach of yellow journalism, The New York Times published another series of lies about Brett Kavanaugh which it had to retract. Read more

To the Editor: I applaud Richard Warren’s letter (Sept. 20 issue) “Gave Duke Strayhorn’s Credit.” As President of Billy Strayhorn Songs, Inc. we work to provide accurate historical information… Read more

To the Editor: News that Veronique “Ronnie” Hakim is leaving her position as Metropolitan Transportation Authority Managing Director is disappointing for MTA employees, along with transportati… Read more

To the Editor: In response to retired Captain Thomas P. Cunningham’s letter concerning or suggesting Federal buybacks for AR-15 style assault weapons, I have but one question: Will the Crips, … Read more

To the Editor: In response to Richard Steier’s column “Meet the New Left, Just as Daft as the Old Left” (Sept. 6 issue), a progressive can be critical of the UFT and other unions without being… Read more

To the Editor: There is needless strife surrounding the proposed abolition of traditional “gifted and talented” programs in our schools. In my experience, they have sometimes been created most… Read more

To the Editor: When Michael Hirsch (Sept. 20 letter) worked as a journalist for a major NYC union newspaper, he understood that loyalty to the leadership was key to keeping the job. Read more

To the Editor: Comptroller Scott Stringer’s appeal to workers (Sept. 20 letter), where the Comptroller explains prevailing wages and benefits for the private sector, did not mention the fact t… Read more