In accepting the Republican nomination for President four years ago. Donald Trump declared that the Federal Government was broken and "I alone can fix it."

He has proved that his talent for deceiving himself is equal to his penchant for deceiving others. As has been revealed by his own voice in taped interviews with Bob Woodward for a new book, Mr. Trump knew early this year just how serious the coronavirus was—"more deadly than even your strenuous flus," he said Feb. 7.

Six weeks later, he told Mr. Woodward that he had learned that it could kill young people just as surely as it could older ones. And yet he continued minimizing the seriousness of the disease, mocking those who wore masks to try to protect themselves, and claiming that it was a "hoax" concocted by his political opponents to try to derail the economy.

He claims now he downplayed the seriousness because he didn't want to panic the nation. It seems far more like he was motivated by a desire to wish away a pandemic that has wound up severely damaging the economy while killing nearly 200,000 Americans—and counting. How many tens of thousands of lives could have been saved if he had reacted to the seriousness of the disease and mobilized the nation's resources and its citizens to deal with it?

There are words for his decision that also begin with the same letter as his favorite pronoun: idiotic, incompetent, imbecilic and immature. He has proven that rather than being the one person who could fix the nation, he was the worst possible individual to hold such power. 

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