Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made clear he'd prefer not to deal with a new stimulus bill until sometime this summer, and is decidedly reluctant to include any help for states and localities for what his aides have characterized as "blue-state bailouts."

 We're tempted to say that he's practicing politics pure and simple, except that there's nothing pure about the effort. Mr. McConnell is aware that the problems faced by New York State and the city result not from mismanagement but the severe economic toll taken by the coronavirus. But facing November elections that could cost Republicans the majority in the Senate and strip him of much of his power even if he wins another term, he is looking to fire up the GOP base by tapping into old resentments.
To get movement, the same coalition led by uniformed unions and their members that overcame his resistance to the extension of the Zadroga Act to aid those sickened by their time at the World Trade Center site may be needed. Without significant Federal aid—and quickly—the city and state will be forced to make massive spending cuts that could severely affect agencies and strain their work-forces.
Many uniformed workers tend to be more conservative politically than other civil servants, and often support Republicans. Through their unions, they should be raising their voices to their allies in Congress, telling them this is no time to indulge in partisanship. 

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